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The mention of bats brings to the mind, thoughts of a bloodsucking vampire and because of such prejudices these animals are not properly understood. Different types of bats including the common fruit bats, smallest of bats like the Coromandel pipistrelle are found in the campus. The pipistrelle that weighs 2-5gm can consume upto 1500 mosquitoes in a single night! They roost in crevices on walls or holes on trees etc.

Bats are nocturnal creatures. They can usually be found in large groups on big trees like banyan, pipal or in man made structures like wells and old rooms in ruins, which are not necessarily dark. The fulvous fruit-bat found in IIT is a fruit eater as its name suggests. They have a very good sense of smell, as well as a good memory of fruit trees in their areas. The 'mahua' (Madhuka indica) trees on Bonn avenue Opp. Vanavani school play ground is a carnival place of bats when the trees are in bloom during April-May. Mahua flowers can be seen from the end of April upto middle of May. Other Madhuka trees on campus can be located in ESB quadrangle.

The other trees which attract fruit eating bats are the strangler fig (Ficus amplissima) and the bastard cedar tree (Guazuma tomentosa) which can be seen in most parts of the campus.
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