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Savings for the future

The biodiversity seen in our campus is under severe pressure due to various activities like constructions, increasing human population, increasing non-biodegradable wastes etc. Every year, the forest area in our campus is shrinking further and further. We build more and concrete more open spaces. We remove more and more top soil by various cleaning activities and removal of dead leaves. We kill more animals with our vehicles. We pollute the air more by increasing number of vehicles. We clear more undergrowth, which is the home and provide food to many life forms. So how can we expect this beautiful forest to exist, so that it will be available to the future generations too?

Together we can make a lot of difference, which will leave a better environment for the future. This can be achieved through simple and careful acts. Protecting the wildlife and the environment should be everyone's business. No amount of wealth can give us clean air, water and food. Forests are known to be the sources of fresh water (rain getting soaked in the leaf bed and releasing slowly as rivers) and clean the air by absorbing the carbon dioxide. So what we can save for the future is only by protecting the Earth from further damage and reversing some of the damages that we have already inflicted.

What are the simple and careful ways of living inside the campus?

  • Avoid using vehicles inside the campus. For short distances like what exists inside the campus and for the safe speed limits the benefits of using vehicles are low. Rather, it creates more pollution than benefit. Cycling and walking will improve our health and the campus environment. Taking your child to the campus school can definitely be a learning time for the child if you walk with her/him to the school. Their observation power will improve and they learn to connect to nature.
  • Do not throw wastes that take long time to degrade into the bins. Collect them at home and dispose through the zero waste management people (earlier SWARM). Similarly, chemicals, tubelights and bulbs, batteris, sharp objects etc. should be discarded through the SWARM person only.
  • When you have to drive inside the campus, drive slowly and carefully. Tell the taxi and auto drivers and your home delivery people also to follow these rules. "We have a beautiful campus, do not rush through it"
  • Do not cut and clear plants unless it is very necessary. The rule to be followed by residents is that they have to get permission from the Director to cut any plant or tree inside the campus. if you see anybody violating this call the security office and give a complaint.
  • Do not tease or hurt any form of wildlife inside the campus. Tell children also to be compassionate and caring.
  • Nobody is allowed to set fire in their yards.
  • Many of us get offended when the monkeys come and pluck the fruits in the compound. Do let them. They cannot go out and buy. We have encroached into an area which should belong to them also. Their total dependence on the campus resources should be respected.
  • Do not use slings/crackers/snares etc. to frighten/hurt/injure animals. If you see anyone involved in these acts, discourage them and report it to the Wildlife Warden (tel: 24321471). Almost all forms of wildlife in the campus comes under the Wildlife Protection Act.
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