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Hit by vehicle

Do not go near and make the animal panic unless you know some first aid. Call the Veterinary Doctor (Dr. Kribakaran is a vet who comes on the spot and examines/treats the animal. He is also an expert on treatment of wild animals). Please do not try to transport the animal unless the doctor says so. Most of the wild animals like deer and black buck can die due to shock while transporting as well as mishandling of the injured animal. If the doctor is not availble, call the Blue Cross Try to discourage formation of crowd around the affected animal Injure deer should not be kept on cement/smooth floor since they can break their legs while trying to get up and slipping (It is diificult for animals with hooves to balance on smooth surfaces).

Emergency numbers :
Dr. Kribakaran : 24471743 (you will also have to pay the doctor's bill or call one of the following IIT numbers and inform and has to be around when the doctor arrives to guide him to the injured animal)
Blue Cross Ambulance : 22354959
Prakriti members: 4172 or 6172 or 6419 or 4169 or 6169 or mobile: 9884278466

Animal death

Inform the Wildlife Department. Inform the Security Office, IITM

Emergency numbers :
22301328 (Range Officer, Guindy National Park)
24321471 (Wildlife Warden)
8280 (Security Duty Officer)

Dog Bite/Chase

If a dog has bitten a wild animal call Dr. Kribakaran and get first aid/treatment done on the spot.
Inform the Chief Security Officer or Call the Blue Cross for removal of dogs.

Emergency numbers :
Dr. Kribakaran : 24471743
Blue Cross Ambulance : 22354959

Monkeys in the campus generally do not attack. If you are scared of them, try to avoid direct eye contact. When you stare at them, they get frightened and may try to attack in self-defence. Walk without staring at the monkey. Do not try to scare them with rods etc.,unless you are confident. Otherwise, this may sometimes also attract unnecessary troubles.


If you see a snake, do not panic or try to kill it. They attack only in defence. Observe from a distance and ask another person to seek help from the Security duty room (tel: 8280). Most of the snakes are harmless (only 2% of Indian snakes are venemous). If the snake is inside the house and you want it to be removed, call the security section, they have a staff member who has training in catching them. Otherwise, call the Chennai Snake Park

Emergency numbers
8280 (Duty Officer)
Chennai Snake Park (tel: 22353623).

Star Tortoise

It is common in the campus to see star tortoises. Remember they are TORTOISES and NOT TURTLES. They LIVE ON LAND. Do not pick them up and put them in water bodies. Star Tortoises feed on grass and tender shoots of plants and other vegetable matter. People smuggle them and it is a wildlife crime. Therefore, if you see anybody picking them up, inform them not to do it. It is illegal to keep Star tortoises as pets.

If you see them crossing the roads or being exposed to people, pick them up slowly and keep inside the undergrowth where they would be safe. Try to see that there are not many onlookers.

Prevention of Cruelty Towards Animals

Please do not interfere if you notice two animals (of the same species, like two male deer or two male blackbuck or two male monkeys, snakes etc.) fighting. It is natural. They are trying to establish territory by doing this. Similarly, the male Spotted deer sheds its antlers (these are not horns) every year. Do not panic when you see the exposed skin and little bleeding, after the antlers fall off. This will look as if someone has cut it. In comparison with deer, the male blackbuck has permanant horns. They will not fall off.

If you see anyone throwing stones or using catapults at animals/birds, or trying to catch them or putting traps/snares etc. in the campus or ill-treating animals, inform the Security office or the wildlife officers. You may also contact Prakriti volunteers if you need help.

Emergency numbers :
8280 (Duty room), CSO (8262 or 9262) or Prakriti members (4172/6172, 6419, 4169/6169).

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