Patterning in Microbial Consortia

Scientists are studying this spatial organization of microbial communities to understand the...

13th Feb

Towards Personalised Cancer Treatment

by Aditi Jain Although, there does exist tools that identify personalized cancer...

21st Jul

A Strategy To Make Networks More Resilient To Attacks

by Aditi Jain “A variety of technological networks form the backbone of...

16th Jun

Discovering Cellular Networks for Biological Adaptation

by Akshay Anantharaman In this study, the authors of this paper —Mr....

11th May

It takes two to tango — making bio-production more economical

by Aditi Jain Dr Karthik Raman, an Associate Professor at IIT Madras...

28th Mar

The Hidden Drivers: A Lens into Cancer

by Akshay Anantharaman A lot of research is happening with regard to...

22nd Mar
The Hidden Drivers: A Lens into Cancer