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Articles (57)

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Books (4)

  • K. Raman (2021) An Introduction to Computational Systems Biology: Systems-Level Modelling of Cellular Networks , Chapman and Hall/CRC , Boca Raton, FL
  • A. Ravikrishnan and K. Raman (2018) Systems-level modelling of microbial communities : theory and practice , CRC Press
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  • V. V. Kulkarni, K. Raman, and G. Stan (2014) A Systems Theoretic Approach to Systems and Synthetic Biology I: Models and System Characterizations , Springer

In Books (5)

  • P. Bhattacharya, K. Raman, and A. K. Tangirala (2021) Systems-Theoretic Approaches to Design Biological Networks with Desired Functionalities
  • K. Raman, A. Pratapa, O. Mohite, and S. Balachandran (2018) Computational Prediction of Synthetic Lethals in Genome-Scale Metabolic Models Using Fast-SL.
  • A. Badri, A. Srinivasan, and K. Raman (2016) In Silico Approaches to Metabolic Engineering
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  • K. Raman and N. Chandra (2011) Systems Biology of Tuberculosis: Insights for Drug Discovery , New York, NY

Miscellaneous (1)

  • K. Raman, N. Chandra, K. Raman, and N. Chandra (2008) PathwayAnalyser: A Systems Biology Tool for Flux Analysis of Metabolic Pathways Nature Precedings

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