• I am interested in a research project in your lab. How can I join?
    • Open positions are advertised from time to time here. Outside of that, if you are happy to work without funding, I may (rarely) have some vacancies in the lab. You must write to me with your CV, and describing what kind of research problems interest you. Some advice on writing good emails is here.
  • I am looking for a reference, for my academic application.
    • You should try and meet me to discuss this. You should approach me only if you think you have done a reasonable length project with me, or excelled in my course (an S, or at least an A, with excellent assignments/projects maybe).
  • Why have you not responded to my e-mail?
    • It is highly unlikely I did not respond to your e-mail, if you had taken the time and pains to construct a personal e-mail. I am not going to lecture on how to write good e-mails, since Vishwesh has already been nice enough to put an excellent post together!


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