The Hidden Drivers: A Lens into Cancer

On 22 March, 2022

by Akshay Anantharaman

A lot of research is happening with regard to cancer, and thankfully, a lot of progress has been made in understanding the aetiology of this complex disease. “Driver” genes are known to play a major role in causing cancer. Many of these genes have been identified, but still many driver genes need to be identified. Till now, only genes that harbour a high rate of mutations, thus causing cancer, have been identified. But what about the numerous driver genes that haven’t been identified?

In this study, conducted by Ms. Malvika Sudhakar and Dr. Karthik Raman from the Bhupat Jyoti Mehta School of Biosciences, IIT Madras, and Prof. Raghunathan Rengaswamy from the Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Madras, a new model for predicting genes important for cancer progression called cTaG has been introduced.

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