NetGenes: A Database of Essential Genes Predicted Using Features From Interaction Networks

Essential gene prediction models built so far are heavily reliant on sequence-based...

16th Aug

Sequence Neighborhoods Enable Reliable Prediction of Pathogenic Mutations in Cancer Genomes

Identifying cancer-causing mutations from sequenced cancer genomes hold much promise for targeted...

30th Apr

CASTLE: Computational Analysis of SynThetic LEthals

Access the CASTLE database at: The pre-print of our manuscript is...

09th Feb

NetGenes: Interactions Networks to Gene Essentiality

Access the NetGenes database at The pre-print of our manuscript is...

17th Sep

MinReact: a systematic approach for identifying minimal metabolic networks


05th May

Enumerating all possible biosynthetic pathways from metabolic networks

Exhaustive identification of all possible alternate pathways that exist in metabolic networks...

14th Jun