Modelling microbial communities: Harnessing consortia for biotechnological applications

Microbes propagate and thrive in complex communities, and there are many benefits...

30th Jun

Metagenome-Wide Association Analysis Identifies Microbial Determinants of Post-Antibiotic Ecological Recovery in the Gut

Loss of diversity in the gut microbiome can persist for extended periods...

06th Jul

MinReact: a systematic approach for identifying minimal metabolic networks


05th May

Investigating metabolic interactions in a microbial co-culture through integrated modelling and experiments

Microbial co-cultures have been used in several biotechnological applications. Within these co-cultures,...

20th Mar

Deciphering the metabolic capabilities of Bifidobacteria using genome-scale metabolic models

Bifidobacteria, the initial colonisers of breastfed infant guts, are considered as the...

13th Nov

Rational metabolic engineering for enhanced alpha-tocopherol production in Helianthus annuus cell culture

Alpha-tocopherol, an essential dietary supplement, synthesized by photosynthetic organisms is the most...

03rd Jun