Metabolic modeling of the International Space Station microbiome reveals key microbial interactions

Background Recent studies have provided insights into the persistence and succession of...

09th Apr

A Computational Framework to Identify Metabolic Engineering Strategies for the Co-Production of Metabolites

Microbial production of chemicals is a more sustainable alternative to traditional chemical...

02nd Dec

Two-species community design of lactic acid bacteria for optimal production of lactate

Microbial communities that metabolise pentose and hexose sugars are useful in producing high-value chemicals, resulting in...

07th Nov

Modelling microbial communities: Harnessing consortia for biotechnological applications

Microbes propagate and thrive in complex communities, and there are many benefits...

30th Jun

Metagenome-Wide Association Analysis Identifies Microbial Determinants of Post-Antibiotic Ecological Recovery in the Gut

Loss of diversity in the gut microbiome can persist for extended periods...

06th Jul

MinReact: a systematic approach for identifying minimal metabolic networks


05th May