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Paradoxurus hermaphroditus
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Palm civets belong to the family called 'Civets'. The nearest relative of this family are cats. Civets have long bodies with short limbs. Their jaws are long and slender. They are classified into two types: true civets and tree civets. The Common Palm Civet is a black or blackish brown civet, with long coarse hair. The underwool, if present, is whitish, buff or rich yellow. The limbs are always black or dark brown. The facial marking is usually a white patch or a spot below the eye, sometimes one above it and one on either side of the nose. It is common in well-wooded regions. They seek food at night in trees or on the ground, killing birds and small mammals and feeding also on fruit. They are easily tamed, becoming quite domestic and affectionate. The young are born at all seasons, usually in tree holes or under rocks. The usual litter is 3 to 4.

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