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The thought of snakes usually brings fear to human mind. But they have more to fear from us then we from them. Snakes are an important link in the ecological web. They control the population of rats, frogs, lizards, birds and many insects. Among the snakes found in India, hardly 2 % are poisonous. This also means that there are only a few species of snakes, viz. Cobra, King Cobra, Crait and Viper are the four venomous species that can be found on the land in India. Snakes stay hidden in the bushes and forest areas and can hardly be seen in the open. Although many have seen them cross the roads at night and on muddy paths in various parts of the campus. The snakes found in the campus include:

Rat snake (Commonly seen on the campus. This snake is non-poisonous. As is obvious from it's name, it feeds on rats and helps to keep their population down.)
Common Green Whip or Vine snake
Kankothi pambu (Tamil), Pasarika pambu (Telugu), Pachila Pambu (Malayalam), Harshara (Hindi)
Recue of a green snake:
Green snakes are harmless, though there are lots of stories about this snake as venomous and it can attack your yes etc. which are not all that true. The Tamil name of this snake means it attacks eyes which could be true, because the only object in movement in a tree snake's view are the eyes of the human, if you are close-by. If you move a stick in front, it might attack the stick. In our experience, the snake that accidentally came across people was scared and wanted to escape rather than attack. It was trapped in a room with cement/tiled floor (it is difficult for snakes to move on smooth surfaces). So when we used a long stick to direct it out of the building, it cooperated very well and was more than happy to escape into its habitat. Next time you see a green, vine snake, do not panic. Just leave it to itself. If it is trapped somewhere and has to be rescued, give a call to the Prakriti rescue members.
To know more about snakes, their habits and habitats, snake bites, first-aid etc. visit the following websites:
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