Sequence Neighborhoods Enable Reliable Prediction of Pathogenic Mutations in Cancer Genomes

Identifying cancer-causing mutations from sequenced cancer genomes hold much promise for targeted...

30th Apr

Systems-Theoretic Approaches to Design Biological Networks with Desired Functionalities

The deduction of design principles for complex biological functionalities has been a...

11th Nov

NetGenes: Interactions Networks to Gene Essentiality

Access the NetGenes database at The pre-print of our manuscript is...

17th Sep

Metagenome-Wide Association Analysis Identifies Microbial Determinants of Post-Antibiotic Ecological Recovery in the Gut

Loss of diversity in the gut microbiome can persist for extended periods...

06th Jul

Machine Learning Applications for Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolomics

11th Jun
green and red light wallpaper

MinReact: a systematic approach for identifying minimal metabolic networks


05th May