Metagenome-Wide Association Analysis Identifies Microbial Determinants of Post-Antibiotic Ecological Recovery in the Gut

Loss of diversity in the gut microbiome can persist for extended periods...

06th Jul

Machine Learning Applications for Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolomics

11th Jun
green and red light wallpaper

MinReact: a systematic approach for identifying minimal metabolic networks


05th May

Investigating metabolic interactions in a microbial co-culture through integrated modelling and experiments

Microbial co-cultures have been used in several biotechnological applications. Within these co-cultures,...

20th Mar

Do you desire good digestion? These small bugs in your gut may help!

by Aditi Jain Dr. Karthik Raman’s research team from IIT Madras has...

21st Feb

The road not taken: Part II

by Gayathri Sambamoorthy (and Karthik Raman) One student questioned me, “Is your...

01st Jan
The road not taken: Part II