Utilizing the language of DNA to decipher the driving force behind cancer

On 22 July, 2021

The overall aim of this experiment is to build a model using machine learning and natural language processing techniques to differentiate between driver and passenger mutations solely based on the raw nucleotide context. It was confirmed that the neighbourhood nucleotide sequences of driver and passenger mutations greatly differed from one another. Using this distinguishing factor, driver mutations could be successfully identified.

Using sophisticated artificial intelligence techniques, the team comprising Mr. Shayantan Banerjee, Prof. Karthik Raman, and Prof. Balaraman Ravindran, developed a novel prediction algorithm called NBDriver.

Read the full blog article at: https://tech-talk.iitm.ac.in/utilizing-the-language-of-dna-to-decipher-the-driving-force-behind-cancer/

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