Learning Systems Biology, the Computational Way!

On 25 February, 2022

by Aditi Jain

Dr Raman felt the need to write this book when he realized that none of the existing books gave a balanced treatment to the three major modelling approaches—static network biology, dynamic modelling and constraint-based modelling—which he thinks is central to build a holistic view of various kinds of biological networks. The book is apt for students who are curious about the working of a biological system, are mathematically inclined and knows a high-level computing language. The book takes a practical and a fun hands-on approach to teach modelling approaches. Apart from in-depth chapters, the book provides information about the additional material available on the internet for the students who are more interested in a particular topic. Abreast with current times, the book has chapters on community modelling and biological circuit design which are new fields of study. The book also has a companion website replete with lecture videos, supplementary exercises, and a host of reading material. The book is a must for students and researchers who need means to satiate their curiosity about biological systems.

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