BT 3240 – Metabolic Regulation

On 15 April, 2013

How is the complex process of metabolism controlled?
How do organisms regulate gene expression, metabolite
concentrations and metabolite fluxes?
How can we systematically quantify these effects?
How can we manipulate microbes towards desired engineering goals?


Course contents

  • Overview of cellular metabolism
  • Structure and organisation of metabolic networks
  • Modelling of metabolic networks
  • Enzyme activity: the molecular basis for its regulation; regulation of enzyme activity, regulation of enzyme concentration
  • Regulation at the whole-cell level, regulation of metabolic networks, regulation of central pathways
  • Gene regulatory networks: operons, regulons, stimulons
  • Signal transduction pathways, protein phosphorylation: role of phosphorylation/de-phosphorylation in regulation of enzyme activity
  • Enzymatic, molecular-genetic and hormonal regulation of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism
  • Modelling of metabolic network regulation
  • Metabolic Control Analysis
  • Control structures in metabolism
  • Examples of pathway manipulations, synthesis of metabolic pathways
  • Metabolic regulation in health and disease

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