BT5240 – Computational Systems Biology

On 30 October, 2012

How can we model complex biological systems at various levels?
How can we represent/visualise/analyse massive biological networks?
How do biological systems respond to perturbations?
What are the challenges in modelling biological systems?


Course contents

  • Fundamentals of mathematical modelling
  • Representations of biological networks
  • Static network biology • Analysis of massive complex networks: parameters, centralities & algorithms
  • Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) • Databases and tools for systems biology
  • Modelling of metabolic networks • Constraint-based modelling using linear/quadratic programming
  • Protein-protein interaction networks • Modelling gene regulatory circuits and signalling networks
  • Kinetic modelling using ODEs • Parameter estimation • Robustness/sensitivity analysis
  • Discrete modelling of biological systems • Boolean network modelling
  • Applications of systems-level modelling: metabolic engineering, drug discovery, synthetic
  • Perspectives and challenges in systems biology

Trailer of the NPTEL MOOC course:

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