BT5240 – Computational Systems Biology

On 30 October, 2012

How can we model complex biological systems at various levels?
How can we represent/visualise/analyse massive biological networks?
How do biological systems respond to perturbations?
What are the challenges in modelling biological systems?


Course contents

  • Fundamentals of mathematical modelling
  • Representations of biological networks
  • Static network biology • Analysis of massive complex networks: parameters, centralities & algorithms
  • Kinetic modelling using ODEs • Parameter estimation • Robustness/sensitivity analysis
  • Discrete modelling of biological systems • Boolean network modelling
  • Protein-protein interaction networks • Modelling gene regulatory circuits and signalling networks
  • Modelling of metabolic networks • Constraint-based modelling using linear/quadratic programming
  • Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) • Databases and tools for systems biology
  • Modelling of microbial interactions
  • Applications of systems-level modelling: metabolic engineering, drug discovery, synthetic biology
  • Perspectives and challenges in systems biology

Textbook, by the instructor

Preview of the NPTEL MOOC course

Student Feedback

“One of the best courses in the institute. I would recommend anyone interested in computational biology to take it” (2016)

“I developed an interest in the field of Systems Biology after taking the course. I would like to pursue it in the near future. All the concepts were deftly arranged and communicated. The slides were filled with concepts drawn from top research papers available in the field. It also helped us gain a knack for reading research papers.” (2017)

“A very enthusiastic, at times over-enthusiastic instructor made this course a memorable one. Very time consuming, but designed in such a way that non-bio oriented students could also learn. Had great fun working on the projects and the guest lectures were also a nice touch.” (2017)

“Extremely interactive classes made the course a pleasure to learn. Extremely enthusiastic, knowledgeable and approachable instructor. Loved every bit of the course. Motivated me to explore the area.” (2019)

“The course was beautifully structured and I learnt a lot through the course. The interactions and thought provoking discussions during the (in person) class sessions were amazing. It would have been better if individual projects were permitted.” (2020)

“The course was extremely good. The projects and a separate website for students discussion make this course even better. love to learn” (2021)

“Very interesting course. I enjoyed learning in the course. Very supportive professor. Thank you.” (2021)

“Great teaching techniques” (2021)

“Really enjoyed the classes and lab sessions. The class was Interactive and motivated us to think a lot!” (2021)

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